Friday, December 19, 2008


Best ideals bridal favors to present to your guest

Wedding is a one time for one self and to every people is a very auspicious day and a day to remember through all your living days. Before your wedding day that are many things to prepare and you needs your good friends and relatives to help you to make this occasion a success and beautiful auspicious day to remember.

Todays most young couples would choose a bridal shower for their guest and good friend as a way to say thank you for their present, gift and a helping hand before and during their wedding day. One of the best ideals bridal favors to present to your guest is a rose candle with name of the wedding couple.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


A bridal favors of a photo frame

Most wedding couple had a bridal shower in their mind to give to their guest to remember on their auspious day. Some bridal favors are quite expensive but most couple give to their budget. Today you go through internet online to choose the bridal shower for your guests. it does not have to be very expensive just a simple bridal shower for your guest to take home and something to remember on your big day.

Today you can get your bridal favors items through internet online as its has more variety of items to choose and besides the price of some items are on offer. This year I attended my best friend wedding with a sit down dinners and a four pieces of band playing. A bridal favors of a photo frame with bride and the groom picture inside the photo frame in a beautiful box with red ribbon tied around the box. A beautiful gift for your guests.


Monday, April 28, 2008


A bridal favors gift to say Thank you

Most wedding today are prepare few months or a year in advance due to many commitments had to make. Todays most couple would like to thanks their friend and relatives for their help during and before the auspicious days by thanking them with a bridal favors.

Most wedding couple were go through internet online to get their bridal favors for their guest. Through internet online you more choose to choose compare to shops selling or displaying only few on their shelf. Prices are very competition and most shop are giving discount if you order in a large sum and free delivery within the company distance. The most ideal gift is a bride and groom candle stand in a beautiful box with golds ribbon tied around the box. A gift where most guest and friends would like to keep for remembrance.


Monday, March 10, 2008


A bridal favour gift for your wedding guests

Wedding today needs a lot of planning. Like booking a place where you want your wedding to take place, food or caterers to serve your guest, invitation cards to send to your friends and relatives and who is going to be your best man and best maids. Most of all is the bridal favor gift for your guest.

you can look for your bridal favors gifts through internet online or shops selling gift and bridal favors items. During a wedding dinner I attended last month, a bridal favors gift of a bride and bridegroom make of candle wax exchanging their rings will giving to each of their guest. The candle of five beautiful difference colors was so beauty that no guest would left it behind and would ask for more.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Chossing the right wedding favours is not a easy jobs

As my wedding day is arriving and most of my wedding has been arranged, the wedding chinese eight course dinner, the wedding grown for the bride and the groom, the dinner grown and wedding photo taken at the studio, the arrangement of transports and equippment on the wedding day and the night before. Tea ceremony and the invitation cards. The only left is my bridals favour for my guests.

Chossing the right wedding favours is not a easy jobs as we has to see many size and angle. The most important is our budget and second is the preference of guests and some of our very close friends who is going to helps us on the wedding nights and days. We have to put it into consideration that a good wedding favour can make our guest remmember for a long time to go.

Recently I enter many shops selling wedding favour, some favour was very beautiful but it is three times my budget. Last I got one shop to come up with a wedding favour with my budget price. It is a pen key chain in a box and will be given on the dinners night together with my wedding cakes. An extra bridal favours for my close friends and relatives are a photo album with the bride and bridegroom picture, this is given on the eve of my wedding night.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Bridal favor for friends appreciations for helping

With so many company selling bridals favours on line , you can easily browse through the internet to look for your favourite items what you want to give your friends as token of appreciations for helping you on or before the auspicious days. After going through the internet online and doing some window shopping for the right bridal favours for my close friends and relatives , I finally had my choise it is a pink colours glass photo stand with the bride and bridegroom picture in it.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Buying bridal favour online

If you planning for your coming wedding party and dicided to get a bridal favours for your inviting guests or a gift as a remmebrance only to your close friends and relatives who one ways or another helping in your preparation on your auspicious day or before the wedding.

You can go throught internet online to choose your unique wedding party favours as some company are giving a special discount and even the price that you got from the shop is muth more cheaper that you get from the shop on the road and shopping complex. Infact from online buying there has more varity and selection of exquisite bridal favours themed gift for you to choose.

The most commom of bridals favour are a photo frame with the bride and bridegroom picture on it. a design cards holders or a shell candles, candles in beautiful glass, a ball pen with the name engrave or a key chain. Some company even helps you in planning your wedding favours and decoration.